May 13, 2014

Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood


            What will you do when you suddenly find your world turned upside down? That’s what happened to Dan. He just found out that:
a) They’re broke.
b) His dad’s gay.
c) They’re moving to a new home and
e) He has a chance to renew his life.

            Enters the girl next door Estelle. Pretty, cute and out of his league. With these new developments, living in the old house of his great aunt, starting a new school and finding love he started a list of six impossible things he’ll try to do which are:

1. Kiss Estelle
2. Get a job
3. Cheer his mother up
4. Try to be cool in school
5. Try to talk to his father
6. Figure out how to be good.

The Bad

First off I'm more of a fantasy/sci-fi/thriller/crime reader but I do the occasional contemporary/slice of life books like this one. I get bored real quick the phasing and actions are slow which are a bit in this book. There's to much unnecessary scenarios which I think should have been focused more on Dan's situation.

The Good

I ranked this as a four out of five by purely looking at in the contemporary genre way. The book is about changes in one’s life. It shows how our lead character Dan man’s up to take the challenges thrown his way. He gets a job, helps his mother adjust from her post-traumatic experience on finding out her husband’s gay and tries to wrestle with everyday school life. It shows how he himself come to terms that his father will not always be there and sometimes you have to be the strong one in a crisis.
The best part of this was not about him getting the girl but how he gets the girl through a series of events where the choices Dan made had an impact to it.
I have this soft spot for underdogs so I might have a teeny bit of bias here but this one is a great read especially if you just want a rest from those action packed dystopian and other books that’s filled with heavy emotion.

~ Djan


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