About Us

Zee ~
A dreamer. A reader. A writer. A walking cliché.
She likes to keep to herself, spending more time with books than with actual people. She has more books than shoes (or even clothes, for that matter). She doesn’t watch TV or listen to the radio. The things that keep her busy are books, pen and paper, and the Internet. When she’s reading or writing, nobody dares to interrupt in fear of facing World War III. And the most important thing that people need to know about her: she sucks at poems, either reading or writing it. Don’t judge.

Djan  ~

He is a sporty individual who likes to go out and work out. He is always on the move in search for the next kinetic thrill. But of course that first part is just a work of fiction. He is actually a book loving gamer who likes to stay at home and despises all kinds of activities requiring to move around a lot. He owns a ton of books, and inspired by Harry Potter.

Allyn ~

A once-in-a-blue-moon reviewer who loves espionage so much. She reads, writes, sings (awfully) and plays instruments (fairly).



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