June 08, 2015

Bookish Diary ~ The time it was about letting go of my babies. . .

I do not know how to write this blog post because every time I think about selling my books, my eyes sting with tears that I refuse to let go, so I'm just going to say this without further ado.

Yes, I am selling some of those babies. I don't know if anyone will be interested, or if anyone will even see this post, but if someone does you can email me at for details. I wish I could have just given them away for free so I could spread the love for books, but the sales of the books will be for my younger sister's college enrollment.

I can assure you that they are in pristine condition. I can email a picture of the book/s if you'd like.

Here is the list of what's for sale:

Most of the signed ones are personalized to me. I'm willing to let it go if someone would like it. I was originally planning to personally hand it to the buyer, but if that is not possible I guess we can arrange for shipment via email. :)

Thank you for reading this post. May you guys have a great day. :)

~ Zee


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