September 26, 2015

Bookish Diary ~ Surprise!

One of the things I do to pass my time is entering giveaway after giveaway. I follow a lot of book pages in social media, and almost all of them post giveaways often. I've been lucky to win a few of them, and recently I was very lucky to win an entire boxed set. The said boxed set is by far the best surprise I have ever had when it comes to winning books in giveaways.

First surprise: I won a giveaway from Penguin Random House.

I know I have won giveaways before, but this one had thousands of entries. I entered at the last minute, not quite hoping to win and not entirely expecting it. I only decided to enter because it kept popping up in my news feed. After sharing their post and filling up the rafflecopter, I forgot about it.

Second surprise: I won The Scorch Trials. Yay.

This is the email notifying me I won. It stated that I won The Scorch Trials, so that was what I was expecting to receive.

Third surprise: I won the whole set. WHAT?

Imagine my surprise and confusion when I read that email. The first one said I only won Scorch, and the email title also said the same, but Julia said I won the whole set (I also find it amusing that she asked if that was okay with me, as if I might have any complaint). I replied to her asking for a clarification for my slight confusion of what I really won and, to my delight, she answered right away.

I just about died. Mind you, it was three in the morning (in my time zone; I'm not sure about hers) when our email conversation took place. I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs in excitement, but everyone in the house and neighborhood was asleep.

In my excitement, I couldn't think for the proper words to express my gratitude so I just settled on thanking Julia and the Penguin Random House team. It was lame, I know.

Fourth surprise: It was the hardcover edition. WHAT?

I didn't want to die yet, even if I was going to die happy, so I settled on screaming and laughing and back to screaming. When the mailman handed me the package, I couldn't stop hugging it. I showed it to my brother, who was giving our dogs a bath; to my mother, who was doing laundry; and to my sister, who was putting her baby to sleep (I had to make my words soundless when I was showing her, and I imagine I looked like a mad woman).

By all the surprises I got with just this one giveaway, I was hoping that there would be another. I actually hoped it was signed. LOL. Sadly, it's not. I've read this series when my co-blogger Djan lend me his copy. He didn't have The Kill Order, though, so I haven't read that. Perhaps I'll reread the whole series again, just to get a feel on reading my own copies. *wink*

I'm still admiring (and smelling!) them. I think I like the books better without their jackets.

~ Zee


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