October 17, 2014

Review ~ Down From The Clouds (Unspoken #2) by Marilyn Grey



Gavin Kessler is one of the most sensitive and emotional people you'd ever know, except you'd never know it. Trying to find out how he feels is like pulling a one-hundred pound bucket of water out of a seventy foot well. But when he finally falls in love and meets the woman of his dreams, who is set on getting to know every part of him, for better or worse, his walls crumble as he is forced to stand face-to-face with the past he's been avoiding.

Continue the stories of your favorite characters from Where Love Finds You in this sequel written from Gavin s perspective.

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A story of love, forgiveness, acceptance and family. Down from the Clouds gives a glimpse on a promising series.

Like Where Love Finds You, I picked up a couple of things from this book. Like don't ever let fear get in your way and be a hindrance on something you want/need to do. Like how forgiveness makes things so much easier because grudge (and anger) is a heavy emotion to carry around in your chest. Like accepting things before you move on because otherwise you'll just keep coming back. Like doing the things you want/need to do before it becomes too late.

Forgiveness, acceptance, family--these are some of Gavin's issues. One by one, he tackled it all, with Ella's help. This book reminds me that one doesn't have to shoulder everything, that you can share it with someone you love. You don't have to hide from them and worry about burdening them because maybe they'd want to help and you just have to give them the benefit of doubt. But then some people, like Gavin, sometimes need time before they can open up. I like that when they finally opened up to each other, together they faced their past, their fears and their future.

I also like how the book shows that time is everything--to heal wounds, to forgive, to accept, to move on, to overcome fears, to open up, and so and so. But then again time is also critical. You can't take too long before it's too late. Pops really proved this to me.

And once again, Miss Grey got me on the twists. I'm starting to think that this woman will never run out of tricks, and I'm looking forward on the next books and knowing the others' stories.

Take the time to read this and fall in love as I did. :>

~ Zee


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