December 06, 2015

Bookish Diary ~ The Struggles of a Bipolar Book Jumper

I am not the type of reader who sticks on one genre. I adore varieties and love to do what I call is book jumping. I choose what to read based on what I feel at the moment.

Sometimes I wake up and still feel half-asleep, so I choose an exciting thriller-adventure to keep me company in those long commute to work.

Maybe I would feel a little bit sad at night and would want something sad and depressing too, so my problems wouldn't seem that big at all.

Mainly, I like books with humor the most because who doesn't need a good laugh now and again?

Reading this way can be frustrating. Sometimes I'm in a middle of a book when suddenly I feel like reading a completely different book so I immediately drop the current read and pick up another. The worst that could happen would be me jumping from book to book, in search of the 'right' story.

This way of reading is really annoying because sometimes I forget where I left off at the last book and have to start over, or mix one story in my head with another and get all confused with the characters when the sequel comes out.

Now, if you are a struggling bipolar book jumper like me, you should:
1. Have a checklist. This way you can keep track of books you are reading.
2. Schedule. If you're reading two books at once, why not try scheduling one for daytime and another when night comes? That will be a big help especially for those who have day/night bipolar book jumping tendencies.
3. Limit your book jumping. Set a number of books on which to jump. It wouldn't do to have to read ten at a time. My personal limit is around four books.

Book jumping is actually the reason for the delay in my book reviews these days. It's not that what I'm reading is boring; it's just that sometimes I'm on search for something that feels right for the moment. Maybe my brain is just wired that way, or maybe I'm just plain weird, but I believe there's nothing wrong with that. As long as you can get to the last page in your own sweet time.

~ Djan

Ha. I can tell you guys that this guy can swing from one mood to another in a matter of seconds. He's not a bipolar (that I know of), and sometimes the mood swings from happy to annoyed is amusing to watch. It can be highly entertaining, especially when the whole gang is making fun of him. *wink* ~Zee


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