December 03, 2015

Bookish Diary ~ Top 7 Phrases You Should Avoid Saying In The Presence of a Bookworm

Book enthusiasts understand the sacredness of books to a level a mere mortal can never comprehend. We may seem a little bit crazy and intense when it comes to the thing we love best (books, duh), but that's just how we roll. For your own safety, avoid these careless remarks when we are nearby: 

1. "He's/She's not real." Our minds are strong. They are as real to me as this cup of coffee I have in my hand as I read the last paragraphs of Winter. My love for the characters is strong enough to bring them to life.

2. "You're just sitting there. Isn't that boring?" I am flying aboard a pirate ship being chased by a monstrous whale. Sometimes I'm watching how my hero takes down a demonic hellhound with a broken sword. We are always somewhere far off. We are never bored.

3. "Didn't you just finish that? Why read it again?" It is not a matter of why we read it again but when we will read it again.

4. "You read too much." And you have too much time of idleness. Seriously, go bother someone else; I'm too busy trying to choosing my next read as the current book I'm reading is almost halfway done.

5. "The movie was better." Just. . .no.

6. "I've never read a book before." Oh, you poor thing. (Starts piling books into your arms)

7. "It's just a book." Probably the last sentence you'll ever say. I'll have it engrave in your headstone.

~ Djan

What should we add to the list? There can't be just seven. *wink*


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