December 24, 2015

Review ~ The Getaway God (Sandman Slim #6) by Richard Kadrey

the getaway god cover


Sandman Slim must save himself-and the entire world-from the wrath of some enraged and vengeful ancient gods in this sixth high-octane adventure in the New York Times bestselling series

Being a half-human, half-angel nephilim with a bad rep and a worse attitude-not to mention temporarily playing Lucifer-James Stark aka Sandman Slim has made a few enemies. None, though, are as fearsome as the vindictive Angra Om Ya-the old gods. But their imminent invasion is only one of Stark's problems right now. LA is descending into chaos, and a new evil-the Wildfire Ripper-is stalking the city.

No ordinary killer, The Ripper takes Stark deep into a conspiracy that stretches from Earth to Heaven and Hell. He's also the only person alive who may know how to keep the world from going extinct. The trouble is, he's also Stark's worst enemy . . . the only man in existence Stark would enjoy killing twice.


When I first started reading this series, it was exciting. I mean, a man who literally escaped hell just so he can get to the guys who sent him there? I felt that this was gonna be a violent and bloody book of revenge I can enjoy.

I mainly stayed for the action, bloodbath, demons, and butt kicking (typical guy stuff). Who would have known that this contains a little bit of depth in story as you read?

I like Stark’s character, whose main problem solving skill is to stab anything that comes to kill him and worry about the repercussions later. The rules of the supernatural side of things from angels, demons, and God to the politics of the Sub-Rosa community doesn't faze him one bit.

Getaway God fell a bit short on my expectation though. The smash-anything-that-moves routine is only present in about 20% of the time, which I think was not a great look for Stark at all. The whole plot was bland and the only spice was when a certain dead man came back to mess with Sandman Slim.

The ending had a kind of interesting bit to it, so I'll see if the next book can redeem itself.

~ Djan


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