June 04, 2014

Review ~ City Of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

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At last! The end is here! I waited for this series to end and now here it is! I have lots of thoughts anyway before lets go with a little back track on history.


The story so far....

The Shadowhunters are in disarray after the long dead Sebastian, the son of Valentine Morgenstern, a very infamous ex-Shadowhunter, had been revived by Lilith the Mother of Demons by using the blood and connecting him to Jace Herondale. Now, using his new found life and powers Sebastian wishes to enact his revenge upon the Nephilim. Using Jace to capture Clary, his sister, so he can use her abilities in drawing runes for his plans and his own twisted will, he created the Infernal Cup. But instead of using the blood of the angels he used Lilith's blood. By making Shadowhunters drink from it they became the Endarkened, Shadowhunters who have increased abilities but their souls are burned out leaving an empty and evil shell, foul mimicry of the once proud warriors of Heaven. 

Meanwhile, Clary's friends, Simon the Daylighter, the warlock Magnus Bane and the Shadowhunter siblings Isabelle and Alec went on a quest to get a weapon to purge Jace from the evil connection that Lilith created. By forfeiting the Mark of Cain, a protection like no other, Simon traded it to have Glorious from the angel Raziel.

Using the sword on Jace restored him but destroyed the sword, making the heavenly fire infused in the metal enter Jace's body. Sebastian escape but promised vengeance to the whole world....


Two things to review that I believe are the most significant in books: plot and characters.

As always for Cassandra Clare I love her plot! The storyline is awesome. For all the short comings of the last two books (and there were a lot) the plot makes it worth it. Though I really want it to have more twists at the end. It has less mind racking situations. The action part is good but Jace and Clary have turned too mushy for me. I kinda missed the old sarcastic Jace.

Just to get this out of my chest: I hate how Clary and Jace turned out that way. The first three books were great. I really think Cassandra Clare didn't do the follow up three, but the way Jace and Clary turned out in the following books were lovesick so much and I was also sick (in the negative sense). It was like they were trying to be the next Bella and Edward which I strongly believe is a big fat NO!

Good thing there's always Simon. From the start Simon was my favorite character. I always was a sucker for underdogs with good hearts. When he ended up with Isabelle? I mean wow! And who could forget Magnus? I read all the ebook stories of his life and they could be a whole other trilogy as well. 

All in all my rates are a 4 out of 5 for the plot and a generous 3 out of 5 for the characters.

This series is actually fun, and exciting. It has everything from humor, action, the paranormal, and of course the romance for those mushy people out there.

~ Djan


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