June 22, 2014

Review ~ Room 212 by Kate Stewart


****Mature Audiences only**** (language, explicit sex, some drug use) 

In every life there is always 

Twenty-one year old Laura Sedgwick is a rebel without a cause. Her only plans for life are to make no plans She revels in her fascination of the unexpected as she navigates her way through mid -1990’s Dallas nightlife. One very bad night brings her face to face with the one man likely to change her mind about…well...everything. 

Twenty-three year old Seth Whitaker has every intention of seeing through with his well mapped out life. He is a hard working over-achiever that has no intentions of slowing his pace for anyone. With a fierce determination to not let life pass him by without taking a huge bite, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the one distraction that could keep him from his best laid plans. Little did he know his determination to keep his life on track would be the very thing to trigger the events that change the course of both their lives. 

In this life she had only done one thing right... 

…and she was his only chance at salvation.


I have conflicted feelings for book. I like it because there is no confusing, I’m-not-good-for-you-but-I-can’t-stay-away-crap characters, and the female lead is badass. Two main things I look for in a book. But then the plot gets a little off for me.

I love the cover, and the title is cool. I find the meaning behind it sweet. I wish it was mentioned more or some other special things were said about it, though.

I like Laura Sedgwick a lot. She’s blunt, a bitch within reason, and very straightforward. She appears to be a very strong female lead to me. She doesn’t beat around the bush. She’s practically my ideal heroine. This book is more about her than their love story.

Seth Whitaker, on the other hand, is a little unclear to me. At times he is sweet and romantic but then his character gets vague and I can’t decide what to make of him. He doesn’t appear as the bad boy type to me but he doesn’t seem to be the quiet type, either. I saw his funny side but it was quick and I didn’t see it again, or maybe I just didn’t notice. He gave me the flutters, though, on the times he was being romantic. I liked that.

The plot is not bad, but I think it could be more. It lacks certain things like more details and for more than half the book, I had a hard time catching up because there are so many dialogues but there are no accompanying details to give me light as to where they are and how they got there. Many times a sudden argument in the beginning of a chapter threw me off track.

I enjoyed the first part of the book so much. It was funny at times, like how they met. I was entertained as I read how Laura tried to get her life together after she broke up with Chris, especially that time at the bar when she planted one on Callie. I enjoyed reading how the feelings developed between her and Seth, but as I’ve mentioned some parts are off because of the lacking details.

The ‘later’ part of the book wasn’t really that enjoyable anymore (for me). I didn’t see a character development. It seemed like Laura and Seth and their relationship got worse, or maybe it was just because the lack of supporting details. Anyhow, the story went downhill as I read further. The heavy emotions portrayed in the book didn’t quite get to me, but I think it’s because the words used didn’t trigger my emotion bomb.

I’m sure this book has touched and will touch a lot of readers’ soft spots, but I guess it’s just not for me.

~ Zee


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