November 18, 2015

Bookish Diary ~ 7 Habits of Bookworms That Will Drive You Crazy (but only if you're not one of them)

The craziest people I've known so far are either writers or readers, and sometimes there's no distinction between the two. Just ask my fellow blogger Zee. Book lovers tend to have irksome habits ranging from annoying to full on torment.

1. Endless book suggestions. The words 'Hey, can you suggest a couple of books I can try out?' are most deadly when uttered in the presence of a bookworm. But don't worry, you can finish the list by the time you're 80 years old—if you read one book a day. Annoyance level: Mild

2. Are you done yet? If you happen to read something they suggested you can get endless tirades of 'are you done yet' questions. They'll text you, message you, call you, post on your wall on Facebook, and tweet you to the point that you won’t get the book finished because your notifications keep pinging. Annoyance level: Irritating

3. Threats of spoilers. So you're about to read a series that's been released just three days ago, but of course your bookworm friends already got the details because they already got it as soon as the bookstore opened and they’ve finished it before the day is done. Now you're at the mercy of hints of who is going to die, who will end up with whom, or what that certain character has to hide. They'll have you begging not to say another word. In the end, you'll end up being a shut-in for a week, never seeing anyone, not opening messages, or even going online. You'll hide, frightened at every text, email, or call. Kinda like a perfect plot for a horror movie. Annoyance level: Profanity may be included.

4.  You'll find yourself playing nurse to an escapee from the psych ward. When your closest friends are bookworms, you'll experience a roller coaster of emotions only psychologists and psychiatrists in mental institutions experience. Those friends will be close to tears; crying to you about the death of a beloved fictional character one minute then angrily punching you for the way an author wrote a scene. There are good and bad times in the world of literature and you get to experience them live in 3D. Annoyance level: Bad

5. Bookstores are sacred places. Yes. Sacred places that need three hours to comb through even though you already got what you came for. Annoyance Level: Irritating (if you’re not passionate about books)

6. Bodily harm may occur when you hate on their favorite book or author. That’s just an absolute no-no. If you’re hating on the characters/authors they are rooting for, it’s better to just keep your mouth shut. For the record, though, I still think Nicholas Sparks’s books are stupid and made to prey on sad single women's fantasy of romance. Annoyance level: Painful

7. Get suck into endless debates about books, books, authors, characters, and books. When you've been friends for a while you'll find yourself disagreeing about certain things like who is the best character or why this or that artist is perfect for the movie adaptation of your favorite books. This won't end until all you talk about is books and nothing else, which can be bit of a bummer if you’re a little sick of the stuff. Can't they understand it's just a hobby for you? Sheesh. Annoyance Rating: Very Bad

Yeah, bookworms are the most annoying people when it comes to their first love, but you will not find better people whom you can call in the middle of night because this certain book got to you in a way no other did. They won't judge you. They won't look at you funny the next they. They just listen to you let it all out, and often they offer the best suggestions for the post book traumatic stress you have.

~ Djan

What are some things you can add on this list? There can't be only 7!


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