November 30, 2015

Review ~ Antigoddess (Goddess War #1) by Kendare Blake


Old Gods never die

Or so Athena thought. But then the feathers started sprouting beneath her skin, invading her lungs like a strange cancer, and Hermes showed up with a fever eating away his flesh. So much for living a quiet eternity in perpetual health.

Desperately seeking the cause of their slow, miserable deaths, Athena and Hermes travel the world, gathering allies and discovering enemies both new and old. Their search leads them to Cassandra—an ordinary girl who was once an extraordinary prophetess, protected and loved by a god.

These days, Cassandra doesn’t involve herself in the business of gods—in fact, she doesn’t even know they exist. But she could be the key in a war that is only just beginning.

Because Hera, the queen of the gods, has aligned herself with other of the ancient Olympians, who are killing off rivals in an attempt to prolong their own lives. But these anti-gods have become corrupted in their desperation to survive, horrific caricatures of their former glory. Athena will need every advantage she can get, because immortals don’t just flicker out.

Every one of them dies in their own way. Some choke on feathers. Others become monsters. All of them rage against their last breath.

The Goddess War is about to begin.

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Antigoddess became a struggle to read about halfway in the book. It's not a bad book, per se, but I didn't like it. Too many things were unexplained, even when I got past halfway of the story,which made the whole thing seem to go nowhere.

The representation of Greek mythology is accurate in the characters, which I liked very much. However, I didn't feel much sympathy for them. Perhaps it's because I really didn't get their background; what happened to the gods before they got sick? All background I got was two thousand years ago, which didn't really help at all. Plus, one of the main characters, Cassandra, was so lame and so dense for someone so important in the plot.

I wouldn't have minded that the book is slow-paced if the book wasn't so vague in the details. I kept hoping that things would get clearer the deeper I get into the plot, but in the end all I had was a mountain of questions without so much as a single answer to any of it. There was a showdown between the gods and goddess, but no reason was mentioned. Why are the gods and goddesses killing off each other? Why do they believe that killing one another will make the last one standing live? Why do they want weapons? Why is there a war? Why are they dying? Why was Apollo not affected? Why do they believe that Cassandra is a weapon? Why did Olympus fall? Why did the gods scatter around the world? Why, why, fucking why?

I don't like reading books, especially a first in the series, that fires me a mile of questions a minute but not give me answers where the answers should be in the story. I think it's a ploy to keep things interesting, to keep the readers guessing and hungry for more, but all it does is confuse the hell out of me and lose my interest. I hoped the action would at least make up for the lack of details, but meh. No such luck. The writing is not bad, but it's completely lacking.

I don't think I'll be reading the other books.

~ Zee


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