November 05, 2015

Review ~ Again (Fate #4) by Elizabeth Reyes


No regrets. Just lessons learned.

Having lived through the torment of losing his first love to someone else—all because he never spoke up—Sydney Maricopa vowed never to repeat that mistake again.

So when he finally admits he’s fallen for his new best friend, he refuses to lose her too, especially once he realizes his feelings for her might be requited. There’s only one problem.

Her perfect boyfriend.

Still, Sydney’s determined to fight for the girl he loves this time. He has what it takes to go up against Mr. Perfect. Most importantly, he and his new best friend have something even her boyfriend can’t compete with—their profound connection. One he intends to use to win her over.

Until he finds out what she’d be giving up if she chooses Sydney.

Something no one should ever give up. Would he dream of selfishly asking her to? Or should he do the honorable thing and sacrifice his own happiness for hers? Allow the girl he loves to sail off into the sunset with another man as he stands back and watches in agony . . . again?

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This author has done it again. No pun intended.

With all the books she has published so far, you'd think you know her style, but then she does something different that would really surprise you. I had a lot of mixed feeling throughout this book. One second I loved it, the next I hated it. Then I went from swooning to shouting in frustration at the characters. I think it's safe to say that this book took me in a roller coaster ride, albeit not a very extreme one.

Again portrayed a long journey of two lovers from being friends to lovers, then to nothing at all and back again. I enjoyed reading their banters and easy camaraderie. I like it that the theme of this book is different from all the other from this author. It's the first time she tackled a story where the age gap can be a little problematic, but I like how she handled this one.

This book made my chest tighten in tension, which then led to me hating the author because of it. Elizabeth Reyes sure knows how to build an intense moment.

Oh, and when did Sydney become so hot?

The only thing that ruined the whole appeal to me is the conflict. It's too cliche, and annoying. Bad decisions, selfish reasons, and stupid presumptions on Sydney's part. He was doing so well, but then his intelligence took a dive down the drain when the conflict came. I wish the situation would have been handled differently, something I haven't seen before.

When the climax hit, it took me a while to figure things out, but when clarity hit me in the nose, I realized that I had predicted what was going to happen way before it did, but the author had excellent tactics that took my mind off it. It was a very good distraction. In this case. I didn't mind that the conflict was predictable, because of the diversion tactics.

All in all, I really liked this book. I'd recommend it to readers who fancies HEA at the end of the tunnel but a lot of obstacles along the way.

~ Zee


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