September 22, 2014

Event Recap ~ Jen and Lissa in PH (with a little history of my reading habit)

It only takes the right book to make someone fall in love in reading.

I didn't fall in love with books until four years ago (I'm frozen in time--I always think of it as two years ago then realize my mistake a minute later). The first book I've ever read is Every Storm by Lori Wick and it was soon followed by Scared to Death by Alan Gibbons and (after watching the movie) the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. What really made me crave more reading materials were Julie Garwood's historical books, though.

A few authors have visited my country in the past, but I wasn't that interested in meeting anyone yet. The only one I would have really loved to meet was Nicholas Sparks but I only borrowed the books from my friends and didn't own any yet to have it signed. So, yeah. I didn't get to meet him and it's such a waste because I might never have another chance to.

Anyway, I started caring for authors only this year, when I got my own laptop and started following and stalking their social media accounts. There have been a few who had a signing this year, like Gayle Forman and Stephanie Perkins, but I did not get to see and meet them because of unfortunate circumstances and bad timings.

Today, though, I finally had the pleasure of meeting an author--two authors, actually. It's the first book signing I've been to (though not my fist signed books) and the first time I attended the Manila International Book Fair. I hit two birds with one stone. *winks*

One of our local book stores invited authors Lissa Price and Jennifer E. Smith to have a book signing in three different locations in the country. I was able to come on the last day of the signing in the MIBF 2014 (thankfully! We had a nasty storm Friday until Saturday and our area was flooded until Saturday night). It was a very delightful experience and I enjoyed every minute of it, even the long line.

Because of the limited space, the signing only had 200 slots.
My sister and I were 197th and 198th on the line. It was a close call but we made it!
(I later learned that they closed the signing at 300 slots because there was a lot of
readers hoping to see and meet the authors)

While waiting in line, we took a picture of the books.
Butterflies were somersaulting in my stomach that time.

The pictures are a little blurred because I was shaking so bad from the excitement. 
Sorry. First-timer here. :D

...and then my big moment arrived!

(I was very irritated with the staff who took the picture because the book wasn't captured.)
But I got to hug the lovely Ms. Price! *swoon*
(Oh, and Ms. J. E. smith was photobombing. LOL)

Click on the picture for the
book synopsis

Click on the book cover for the book synopsis

I couldn't say anything but "Oh, my gosh".
Oh, and "Can I hug you?" So, yeah. :D

Click on the cover to see book synopsis

After meeting (and hugging) the authors, my hands were shaking so bad from the excitement and I think I had a little trouble breathing normally. My younger sister would have laughed at me, except she was in the same state as I. The experience was super. <3

~ Zee


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