September 10, 2014

Bookish Diary ~ Gonna sleep with a smile on my lips tonight

I'm going to graduate college (hopefully) this December (got my fingers and toes crossed!). One of my mother's sisters-in-law gave me an early graduation gift--an allowance specifically for books! I haven't received any other (advance) gifts but I have a feeling this might be the best of them all--except, of course, if I receive more books. ;)

So with an excited flutter in my stomach, I went in my internship and spent the whole day in the office staring at the clock and thinking what books I'm going to buy. It was the longest seven hours of my life. If I could fly, I would have flown the mile it takes from the office to the nearest book store (yes, the book store is only a mile away from the building I'm doing my internship in--very convenient!). I couldn't leave the office fast enough when my shift finally ended. I think I was  actually bouncing like a kid in the car on my way to the book store.

The hardest part for a bookworm is what to read next, and earlier, I walked around the store debating what to pick up to take home with me. If I had my way I would've carried the whole book store home but, alas, I can't afford it.

I ended up buying these five lovelies:

To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han

I was a very happy kid when I walked out of that book store. I was high from the smell of books.

When I got home, of course I just had to announce it to the world. I tweeted, posted in Facebook, and now blogging it.

Then one of my favorite authors, Kate Evangelista, saw my tweet an retweeted it. She even replied to me, which just made me swoon (I'm weird like that). That prompted my memory that she is going to be in the 2014 Manila International Book Fair on September 20, so I opened up her twitter account and stalked her. I saw her tweet about the time she's going to speak in the MIBF and I asked her if I can have my book, 'Til Death, signed there. This is how it went:

I fangirled severely after that. I might have broken some china and furniture, but in my high-as-a-kite-from-a-twitter-conversation state I can't be sure. ;)

Kate Evangelista is one of my favorite authors and one of my inspirations in my (future) writing career. It has been my dream to publish a book and to become a real author, but I doubted my abilities and my chances because the literary market in my country is small. After discovering that Ms. Evangelista is also a Filipina and she has published six books internationally (Savor, Taste, Romancing the Bookworm, Reaping Me Softly, Unreap My Heart, 'Til Death) my hopes rekindled in my chest.

I emailed her a couple of times and she has been very wonderful. She encouraged me to write and pursue my dreams. Now that I will actually have the chance to meet her in person, to say I'm excited is an understatement. My excitement can be bottled up and sold around the world. If it can feed people, children in Africa will never starve. That's how excited I am. (Now I'm starting to doubt if I can settle down enough to sleep tonight)

If you haven't read her books, please give it a try. ;)

This day has been a very happy one for me. Five paperbacks at a time, a chance to meet one of my favorite authors, a twitter conversation with her... I can't wipe my silly smile off my face.

Have I mentioned how excited I am to meet Kate Evangelista?

~ Zee


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