September 26, 2014

Review ~ Havoc (Dred Chronicles #1) by Ann Aguirre


Perdition is under siege. Mercenaries have boarded the station with orders to take control of the facility—and execute the prisoners. Their commander is offering full pardons to the first five inmates willing to help the mercs complete their mission.

Dresdemona “Dred” Devos hasn’t survived hard time just to surrender to the Conglomerate’s armored thugs. Leading a ragtag army of inmates, Dred and her champion, Jael, wage a bloody guerilla war of chaos and carnage against impossible odds. But no matter how dire the outlook, the Dread Queen never backs down…

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Havoc is my best read of the month so far.

I like the way Ann Aguirre writes. There are no ‘wasted’ words, if you know what I mean. Everything she puts in the book turns out to be something bigger later on.

This series, Dred Chronicles, is a brilliant story. I’m amazed at how Aguirre can keep the story going in such a very small community. The action never ceases, the mysteries keep piling up, and the anticipation keeps on building. I like it that there is a touch of romance and some steamy affairs to keep it interesting, but what I like the most is how the author never gets carried away by the romance. These scenes are simple and short but sweet.

Dred’s character development is akin to remarkable. I like it that despite the air of arrogance and bravery she always carry around her to keep her people at bay, she knows how to acknowledge her weaknesses. I also like her leadership because she dives headfirst into danger to protect her people and her ‘kingdom’.

I didn’t notice that much development in Jael, except that he seems to be getting more ‘human’. Despite his history, in Havoc he seems to be feeling more emotions and less thinking of himself as the scientific experiment he is.

I find Tam the most mysterious character in this series. We are already two books down but this man remains a complete mystery. All the readers get is his life in Perdition, but nothing from the past. Might this be a big revelation? I am already thinking about a thousand conclusions who Tam might be and what he did to be sent in Perdition. He seems to be someone connected to a royal family, but I can’t be sure.

What I really like the most about this book is the battle of intelligence. We get not only a blood bath but also a clash of cleverness and intellect. Mercenaries were sent to wipe out the prisoners under the orders of the Conglomerate. Vost, the head of the black ops, is an outstanding leader. I think he’s as brilliant as Tam. So, we get both intellectual leaders and clever plans and strategies. I like what Aguirre did here, making both camps smart. It makes it difficult to guess what will come next because both teams seem to be winning.

The ending is very shocking, but at the same time, it is not. When you read the book, you will know what I mean. I knew what was going to happen because everything points in that direction, but it is shocking because I did not expect it. It gives the readers another wave of doubt and anticipation. It left me hanging, big time.

I recommend this book to those who like action-packed reads. Havoc is full of it, and no chapter is boring.

~ Zee


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